Table Compass - 36in x 24in (PDF FILE)
The Wellness Compass Initiative

Table Compass - 36in x 24in (PDF FILE)

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We call this a “table compass” because we often make large copies of this image so that a group sitting around a table can work together on doing one of the following. Feel free to make up your own way of using it.  Be creative.

  • On the eight outside sections have group members make lists of ways you can tell if someone is well or not well in each area of wellness. This will require making two columns; well and not well. On the eight inside sections have them write lists of things people do to create wellness in each area. Follow with group discussion.  Observations?
  • In the outside eight sections write lists of the challenges they face in each area for their population (adult, teen, or parent) and have them think about why is it challenging for their population to be well in each area. On the inside wedges have them write down things they could do to increase wellness in the areas.
  • Have diverse groups of people do this together (i.e. parents and teens) do either the a. or b. sessions above.  The intergenerational (or what ever kind of diversity you have) discussions, if you have the groups mixed together, can be most interesting.  Everyone will learn a lot about and appreciate each other’s worlds in a new way. 
  • Have the group brainstorm habits that promote wellness in each area and record answers on compass. Share ideas. Later have people discuss one area that feels well watered in their life, and one that could use more of their attention. Examine the lists of habits and have each person pick one that they think they would like to develop further for themselves. Have them write this idea down and take it home with them.

The file is formatted to a 36x24 size, but can be printed as a smaller size without compromising print quality.

For a larger print, you can use print services like: Office Depot, FedEx, or Staples.

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