Parent Wellness Compass Coaching Workbook - Ships August 1st
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Parent Wellness Compass Coaching Workbook - Ships August 1st

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The Parent Wellness Coaching Compass Program is a six-week parent coaching program that helps parents determine and design the changes they are ready to make to enhance their own wellness, and the wellness of their families. When parents gather with their trained facilitator to work this program, we call it a Parent Wellness Circle.

In a Parent Wellness Circle participants gather with a trained facilitator to set goals, share challenges, and support each other as they work on NEXT Steps.  The Parent Wellness Compass Inventory, a signature part of this coaching program, is completed in the first session and serves as a guide to help parents set their NEXT Steps over the six week the program. It has been said that, "It takes a village to raise a child." We believe that it also takes a village to support a parent.

Multiple copies of this participant workbook can be ordered by facilitators who have completed a training for this program. Single copies can be ordered by those who want to learn more about the program and may be interested in attending a facilitator training. 

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