Parent Wellness Compass Book (PDF FILE)
The Wellness Compass Initiative

Parent Wellness Compass Book (PDF FILE)

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This product is the PDF version - formatted to a 8.5x11 paper size. Printed books are also available for purchase. 

This colorful, 112 page book, which can be used by individual parents, couples, or by groups of parents offers thirty-two short readings, four readings on each of the eight interconnected areas of family wellness (Organization, Stress Resilience, Relationships, Rest and Play, Handling Emotions, Spirituality, Work and School, and Care for the Body).  

Each of the thirty-two readings provides: 

  1. A simple, yet powerful, lesson on family wellness.
  2. Several questions for self reflection and discussion.
  3. Space for each parent to record the wellness NEXT Steps they intend to make.

Parents and families learn, reflect, and grow, and a supportive community for parents is built.

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