The Teen Compass Wellness Notebook Leader Guide (PDF FILE)
The Wellness Compass Initiative

The Teen Compass Wellness Notebook Leader Guide (PDF FILE)

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Leading a group of teens on a journey of self exploration and discovery is a privilege. Many young people report that much of their time at school and in the world is spent listening to others and then trying to please the adults in their lives. This resource is different as it helps teens listen to themselves and reflect upon aspects of their lives they may have never thought about. This is all about them and you get to be a part of the journey.

Everything a leader or teacher needs in order to lead a group using The Teen Compass Wellness Notebook can be found in this 74-page, 8 1/2″ x 11″ guide.  

The curriculum is organized into eight units, each unit taking an in-depth look at one of eight areas of wellness in a teen’s life.

Each unit contains three lessons in which teens and their adult leaders:

  • Examine their lives by first by taking a self-assessment designed just for teens

  • Discuss why wellness might be challenging in that area and what people do to grow wellness in that area of their life

  • And deciding on goals and NEXT Steps needed for making improvements in that area.

This resource, above all, encourages discussion about the very real challenges teens face in the 21st century, and helps them see the power they have to make healthy decisions each day.

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